Seatbelt Convincer

Hamra Street Festival

Hamra Street Festival

The Hamra Street Festival is underway this weekend; The whole street is transformed into a pedestrian alleyway, restaurants bring their tables out, entrepreneurs get to showcase their handcrafts and products in booths all along the street and 3 stages are home to various bands and performers for a chance to highlight their emerging talents.

Kunhadi's Promotional Truck

Seat-Belt Convincer

This 18-wheeler style truck found in the pictures above were Kunhadi’s idea of creating awareness towards the mandatory use of the seat-belt, and i personally thought it was done brilliantly… The idea is big, the truck is big, you cannot pass by without noticing it, and you are bound to try it, or at least glaze at it…

The whole concept is the Seatbelt Convincer, you sit in a car seat fixed on an inclined rail, you fasten the seatbelt, and the seat slides down and halts to a full stop suddenly. and there you get to realize the importance of that seatbelt, had u not worn it, it would’ve been nasty!

So a big thumbs up to Kunhadi, probably one of their most influential activities so far, putting aside their constant above the line awareness campaigns to support their cause of safe driving. I hope we can take inspiration from them, sometimes to convey a message you need to go the extra length.

for more information on Kunhadi check out their official website:

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